The Death Match(The Dead Man # 13) Christa Faust


Published: September 18th 2012

Kindle Edition


The Death Match(The Dead Man # 13)  by  Christa Faust

The Death Match(The Dead Man # 13) by Christa Faust
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Okay. This is the fourth time Ive tried to write a review of this book. I think my problem has been that Im not particularly a fan of the Dead Man series, but Im a huge fan of Christa Faust. And although, The Death Match is a tight, well-written pulp/horror/action tale, its still a Dead Man book. Before The Death Match Id only read the first volume in this series, and for whatever reason, I didnt finish it with any desire to rush out and read the next volume. Dont know why, because it certainly hits all my targets.Each Dead Man volume is written by a different writer, and Im sure theres some effort to maintain a certain degree of consistency from book-to-book.

So it really shouldnt have surprised me that except for the setting and a few characters, Death Match doesnt at first glance read like a Christa Faust book.The Death Match starts out well enough. Matt Cahill, still seeking the demonic Mr. Dark, finds himself caught up in a world of underground cage fighting where female fighters engage in death matches, apparently controlled by Mr. Dark himself. The pace is frenzied and the action brutal. Allowing for the fact that Im not a fan of the series, I was thinking this was a 3 star story. Well done, but not exceptional.Then I got to Chapter 9.

And dang if the author didnt suddenly go all Christa Faust on me and The Dead Man. Other books in the series may have similar surprises of their own, but from Chapter 9 until the end of the book, Christa Faust exerts her own writing persona over the Dead Man template and its great stuff.

Grisly zombie action with a noir flourish, Christa Faust style! And for that, Im calling Death Match a four star story.Fans of the series may grade this one higher, but I cant imagine theyd grade it lower.

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